2019 Testimonials

Just a few kind words from fellow participants

As always this tournament is the premier Golf Tournament of all the Charity Events that I attend. The effort that you all put into this event is exceptional!! Well done everyone. It is truly an honor to be a participant. I will always be a part of this wonderful Charity Fundraising event for the beautiful Shriners Hospital Children.
Thanks Again for All You Do,
Gary Kilgore

The event was as good as advertised and I look forward to joining you again next year.
Steve Ritchey

Had a great time everything was 1st class. I will always support this event.
Loved the gifts and all of the sponsors.
Stanley Morgan

You always get it right. Keep up the great work.
Louis Lipps

Thank you for the invite! I had a great time and I hope you exceeded your expectations for the tournament. The set up and execution was great. I felt that my team had a great time and the gifts at all the different holes was awesome. The only suggestion I would have is if there was an opportunity to buy mulligan’s for the round. Other than that great event.
Rod Gardner

It was an honor to be nominated Co-Chairman and a pleasure to help coordinate this amazing event! Our company, Vision Construction, was the title sponsor for the 18th Annual Leah McCammon charity golf tournament and we couldn’t be more proud to give back to our community and our clients. I originally participated at the first of these when I lived in North
Carolina many years ago, and it’s always a pleasure to be part of a great fund raiser for the Shriner’s Hospitals! Looking forward to being part of the 19th year!
Maggie Moser

Thanks for letting me participate in the tournament again this year. You and your people do such a great job. I can’t think of anything that could improve on what is provided.
THX, again
Bobby Majors

I enjoyed everything about it. You guys do a great job. I hope it was as successful as you wanted it. Thank you again for inviting me.
Steven Kiner

Thank y’all for inviting me. I had a real good time. My playing partners was really fun, the gifts was great. I can’t complain about nothing. Everything was first class. Just see you y’all can turn the heat down some and it will make it a lil better hahaha just playing.
Carlos Rogers

Everything was very good!!
Thank you very much for invite me
Eddie Pérez

What a great tournament. Once again, exceeded expectations! Always top notch, well organized and supported with great celebrities and vendors! My team and I look forward to supporting next years’ Leah Celebrity Classic!
Ken Stieren

As one of the Celebrity, I can say that the Annual Shriner Celebrity Classic this year is one of the best tournament in Georgia, it’s always 1st class and enjoy. The gifts are great and the on course food and gifts are the best.
Solomon Brannan

Class Act – We had a good time.
All my guys said they are in for next year. We are all in for next year. Thanks and good job everyone!
Adam McCall

Thank you so much for the invitation. I enjoyed the event and the golf was fun. I thought it was a great experience all around. Thank you for all the goodies and it was definitely a first class event. Thank you and have a great day.
Ronnie Brown

Of all the Charity Golf events I attend, the Leah Celebrity is the most organized and well run. You guys take care of the details of travel and the volunteers are helpful/cordial and the extra courtesies make the Celebrities feel special. The gift bags are items we can utilize and Pairing Party and food/gifts at every hole is over the top!
You can count on me for future events!
Buddy Curry

Can’t say enough good things:
The celebs are engaging and humble, and it’s great to see the same guys year after year. The give-aways and the people manning the stations are top notch….and the foods rocks. This tournament is special because it is not pressure packed………..relaxed atmosphere…no one seems to be in a rush to get in and out. And I love the fact that the dress code is so relaxed. I
believe that does make a big difference in the “feel of the event". The special celebrity events are a great touch and I enjoyed the venues. The gift bags are off the charts, real quality. Like most, I ran out of room in my back pack by the end of the day Thanks so much for all you do, having run 15 of these I know the effort that it takes. And most important is the cause. Thanks so much for thinking of me every year. I am truly flattered to be a part.
Call me if I can ever assist, and I hope to see all of you soon.
Matt Robinson

Fantastic event for a great cause. Well organized. Celebrities were available, approachable, and entertaining. Had front row seat for the comedy show between Georgia Alumni (DJ Shockley) and Auburn great Carlos Rogers. Completely worth attending.
John Barlow

This was my third time at this event and knew many of the celebrities. For you weekend golfers, that think you don’t play good enough to play in a tournament like this, then you are wrong. This is a two day party, which includes a beautiful golf course, with gift bags, food and drinks galore.
Try this tournament next year with 4 of your friends.
Mike Gosa

I thought for the most part the event was well run. The golf outing was probably the best charity tournament I have ever played in. Well hacked in! But if Mike Kenn can play in flip flops I can do it! The staff was great and what a good job having the event touch every hole. Thanks again- for including us.
Rob Barfield

Thanks again for letting Kopparberg participate in the event yesterday. Chuck Ramsey was fantastic to play with as he provided many laughs and some good shots too. Please think of us for next year.
Best Regards,
Brian Fergusson

Thank you. I thought the tournament was very well run and enjoyed participating. We plan to return next year.
Thomas P. Armstrong